Yoga, Beneficial for Every "Body"

MyYogaLoop™ is an adjustable strap that you can loop to your desired need. MyYogaLoop™ is the perfect prop for your yoga practice.

Yoga practice is beneficial to everyone!
However not everyone realizes the full potential of each yoga pose. We are asking our body to let go of the habit forming restrictions of everyday life. As a result, "My YogaLoop™" was created to aid in this process.

No one should be without My YogaLoop™!
One of the reasons people stay away from practicing yoga is because they are worried that they are not flexible enough.

This is where My YogaLoop™ can assist you!
It helps everyone from the beginner to the advanced. It boosts your regular routine so that you can extend beyond your limitations and teaches you that your body is capable of doing more than you think!

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